Mcdonalds Application May Be All You Need To Rebound From A Tough Economy

Help WantedFor those of you looking for a job applications with a secure future and a chance at continued growth, a Mcdonalds application just may be what the doctor ordered.

These days, many college graduates are finding out the hard way their career choices are so narrow they have to think outside the box and look past their original career goals in order to land their first job.

Some grads have turned to local jobs through a Mcdonalds career to help them get their feet wet in the workplace only to find they’ve picked a great company with excellent benefits, and many actually stay for the long haul.

Many teenage workers trying to find summer or part-time jobs usually fill out Mcdonalds employment application before trying anywhere else.  They figure with so many entry-level job openings available, they have a good shot at getting hired right away if they meet their criteria.

While it’s true that Mcdonalds jobs are continually being filled due to expansion and high turnover rates in the fast food industry, the ones who are well-prepared are having the most success getting hired quickly.

Andre Borregon, a MD’s restaurant manager in West Palm Beach, FL says, “I usually have an onslaught of mostly 16 and 17 year old kids applying right before school ends in June, and to be honest, I think kids are getting these jobs because their parents can’t afford their expensive needs such as the latest clothing, the best sneakers, etc.  This gives them a chance to take money pressure off their parents while providing things they need.”

Recently laid off workers are turning to this fast food chain also and filling out applications for Mcdonalds at a record pace.  They know all too well about the lack of job security and are willing to take an initial pay cut to join a working family that’s here to stay.

John Billingsley, a general store manager from Toledo, OH says happily, “I was laid off from a management position in an advertising agency here in town about a year and a half ago, and I never would have thought I would ever submit my resume to a fast food chain.  A good friend of mine suggested I look into the Mcdonalds careers available, and I haven’t looked back ever since.  Although I’m making substantially less than I was at my old job, I’m much happier because there’s room to grow and advance, and I don’t have to worry about losing my job tomorrow.”

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Mcdonalds Employment Application – How It Can Benefit Graduates

While many laid off workers are frantically using job searches to try to find a job while collecting unemployment checks to buy some time, quite a few folks are finding a Mcdonalds employment application is only a few mouse clicks away and filling them out within 30-50 minutes.

These people are not waiting for their dream job to fall from the sky; they’re simply trying to make something happen in these tough times while trying to pave themselves a road to success, so they use opportunities to apply online.

Jill Harding, an 18 year old crew member who recently filled out a Mcdonalds application and was hired in Birmingham, AL, offers, “I needed a job after high school because my family and I needed the money. I’m going to Jefferson State (Community College) in the fall and I’ll see if I can progress through this company like I want. I’m hoping for a degree to take me into the management aspect of this company.”

Harding’s is not an unusual scenario these days. In fact, many college students are opting for jobs in Mcdonalds or Walmart over riding on the wings of the latest hot company offering much higher salaries but no job security. These workers know the value of job security and are willing to start at the bottom of the management ladder and work their way up even if it only means getting their foot in the door leading to success.

For college graduates, the trend for the last few years in America’s corporate world has been to work at a company for an average of three years and moving to another company and landing a better paying position. This has not been ideal for companies who have continually lost their best employees but it has benefited employees looking to increase their salary potential.

The only drawback to having this mindset has been that in the moment of truth when many companies have crumbled because of the economy, many of these workers have been laid off and are barely getting by on unemployment checks as we speak. On the contrary, those who have sought Mcdonalds employment or other established companies that have proven they are here to stay, have consistently prospered.

An application for Mcdonalds stands for the two most favorable aspects of any type of career in any economic state; job security and promotional opportunities. Harding says it best when she states, “There simply is no way you can lose but you can lose out if you don’t consider a career with Mickey Dees.”

You can fill out a Mcdonalds application form online at their main careers website or by visiting them in person. I have found it’s better to apply in person, especially for management positions.

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What Can a McDonalds Application Mean For You

Depending on your situation a McDonalds application can mean the difference between success and failure. I don’t need to tell you if you are looking for a job in the fast food business that McDonald’s would be the perfect choice for anyone. There are many other places of business in this industry that you can apply to if you’re thinking about getting into this fast-paced world. For example Burger King and Wendy’s are some good choices but none of them compare to the magnitude of success that you could enjoy working at McDonald’s.

Many people mistakenly believe that a McDonald’s application can only suit a teenager looking for part-time work. Well, many youngsters who are out looking for a job settle into a McDonald’s job eventually but this is not the only age group that could benefit from a career here. Just as teenagers have found a home through working McDonald’s careers, seniors have also found how satisfying it can be to have a career working as an entry-level worker as a team member at McDonald’s.  Seniors know that as a team member they can be cleaning the kitchen 1 minute, preparing the fries the next, and scrubbing the bathroom floors immediately thereafter. It’s one of those jobs out there which encompasses pretty much everything and anything that’s necessary to keep the store running properly.

College graduates are also finding there’s a world of opportunity that awaits them once they graduate with a job at McDonald’s. Right now it’s pretty difficult to get hired with any company and at such a young age when you’re starting out your career with a four year degree and beyond, it makes perfect sense to get a hold of an established company like McDonald’s to see if there’s a place for you within the corporation or store operations.

Now I know this sounds like a little bit of a pep talk but it bears repeating; if you fill out a McDonald’s application today you could have a wonderful future. It’s all in how you play your cards and it’s all in how you conduct yourself in moving forward toward reaching your goals.