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Keep Your Chin Up to Find A Job – Fill Out A Mcdonalds Application

Unemployed WorkersWith the way things have been going lately around my area, I wouldn’t be surprised if I fill out a Mcdonalds application if I head to work one day and find news about how my company is going to lay off several workers – including me! Luckily, it hasn’t happened yet.

But what if it were to happen? Would I leave my job in disgust, go home, and start feeling sorry for myself? Would I study my shoelaces going, “Woe is me, woe is me?” I think not! Would I retreat to my couch like a handful of people I know instead of going out there and pounding the pavement first thing Monday morning? Of course not. I’ve got a winning attitude – and that’s where it starts or doesn’t start for many people.

The problem with many folks is they mistakenly believe, in tough economy such as this one, that they’re going to find a better job that pays much more or at least close to the same amount of money they were earning, and, if not, well then there’s unemployment checks anyway, right? This is a dangerous attitude to have. Many people keep putting off really searching for a new position or career and find their unemployment checks drying up after a few months, and when it’s crunch time, they scramble to find a job.

Unemployment compensation is designed to help people who have lost jobs find their way to a new job so they don’t end up living under a bridge. If you’re sitting at home right now, and you’ve got management experience, you’re much better off going out and landing one of the many Mcdonalds jobs out there, even if it means starting out at the bottom. Chances are, there’s a position waiting for you, and although you may be earning exactly what you would if you were sitting at home collecting Uncle Sam’s unemployment paycheck gifts, you’re going to put yourself in a better position than the next guy or girl as you move up the ladder to assistant manager or manager.

If the thought of a Mcdonalds career doesn’t suit your fancy, consider one of the other generally easier career choices to submit your resume or application to, such as a large retail chain – they’re always looking for quality people.

Who knows? Maybe you can submit a Mcdonalds application, learn how the business operates, and you can start your very own Mcdonalds restaurant franchise within 5 years!